Great Northwest Wine top 100 wines of 2013: 100-91

By on December 26, 2013

98. Poet’s Leap 2009 Ice Wine, Columbia Valley, $85

poet-leap-ice-wine-2009-bottleFamed German winemaker Armin Diel of Schlossgut Diel urged Long Shadows founder Allen Shoup to plant Clone 239 Riesling at their breathtaking Horse Heaven Hills site The Benches. The call to pick came from Gilles Nicault on Dec. 9 with the temperature at 7 degrees and the berries at a lofty 48 brix. What’s left is nectar of the gods, staring with whiffs of orange marmalade on toast, warm butterscotch, clove, apple and mustard seed. The drink is decadent with the texture of honey and flavors akin to apricot glacéed, pineapple, poached apple, cardamon and clove. And at 31% residual sugar, here is your dessert.

Production: 92 cases

Alcohol: 8.5%


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