15 wines for $15 (or less)

By on June 22, 2014
Inexpensive wine can still be found in the Pacific Northwest.

A red wine for $15 or less? It can still be found in the Pacific Northwest. (Photo by Niranjana Perdue/Great Northwest Wine)

In the past few years, it’s become increasingly difficult to find a good bottle of Northwest wine for $15 or less.

Part of this is because the costs of running a winery and growing grapes continue to rise, and that means crafting an inexpensive wine is harder. The Northwest doesn’t grow a lot of high-production, low-quality grapes, for which California’s Central Valley is often known. In that area of California, it’s not unusual to see grapes for under $300 a ton. In Washington, white wine grapes might drop below $700.

In other words, really inexpensive wine – like that which comes in a box or jug – just doesn’t pencil out here in the Northwest.

However, we keep a keen eye out for good to great wines that drop to that magical price range of $15 or less. Here are 15 examples from Washington, Oregon and Idaho that we’ve tasted in the past several weeks.

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