All the best: a dozen great wines

By on October 19, 2014
The 2014 Northwest Wine Summit gathered 28 judges and 942 wines for its 19th annual competition.

Wines are tasted blind in many competitions, including all evaluations by Great Northwest Wine. (Photo by Eric Degerman/Great Northwest Wine)

Each Sunday, we like to take a look at a category of wines from those we’ve tasted through in recent weeks. Today, we shine the spotlight on wines that earned our highest “Outstanding!” rating.

We taste all wines under blind conditions, meaning the only thing we know about the wines we’re tasting is the variety or style. For example, we know a wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon, but we don’t know the producer or price. This allows us to fully evaluate a wine without letting biases such as the friendliness of the winemaker or past vintages’ reputations get in the way.

After the wine is rated and notes are taken, we unveil the wine and dive into the story behind it, adding context to each bottle’s story.

So here are a dozen really delicious wines from Washington, Oregon and Idaho that we’ve tasted in recent weeks.

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Articles authored by Great Northwest Wine are co-authored by Eric Degerman and Andy Perdue. In most cases, these are wine reviews that are judged blind by the Great Northwest Wine tasting panel.

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