What goes into making an outstanding Northwest wine?

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Outstanding wines are worth searching for.

Only after deciding how we want to rate a wine do we learn what it is. Our top rating is “Outstanding!” (Photo by Darlene Hildebrandt/Digital Photo Mentor)

What goes into a great wine? That’s a question we get on a regular basis (along with “What’s your favorite wine?”) The answer to the first question depends upon myriad aspects. The answer to the second is “Whatever is in our glass at the moment.”

We taste thousands of wines per year, and only about one in 10 earn our top “Outstanding!” rating. It comes down to a number of factors, including typicity (how much does a Syrah taste like a Syrah), how balanced is the wine (is the fruit in harmony with its tannins, acidity and alcohol levels?), and finally, is it delicious?

What does not matter to us is who made it and how much does it cost. Because we judge wines blind, we don’t know those either until after we’ve evaluated it. It’s the most objective way to rate a wine.

Here are a few wines that have earned our top “Outstanding!” rating in recent weeks. Ask for them at your favorite wine merchant or contact the winery directly.

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