Walla Walla rising with reds

By on March 13, 2018

Spring Valley Vineyard is in the northeastern corner of the Walla Walla Valley. (Photo by Richard Duval)

As much as any region in Washington, perhaps none is as famous as the Walla Walla Valley. This because of a number of factors, including history, reputation, quality, density of tasting rooms as well as other factors, including natural beauty, culinary scene and overall vibe.

With more than 130 wineries calling the valley home, Walla Walla is only rivaled by Woodinville for number of tasting rooms. With nearly 2,000 acres of vineyards in the region, it is nearly as famous for it’s grapes as for it’s wines. And wineries outside of Walla Wally recognize this, buying grapes from the region for it’s own wines.

Thanks to the reputation of it’s early wineries, particularly Leonetti, Woodward Canyon and L’Ecole, it quickly became known for red wines, which led to plantings of red wine varieties. Leading with Cabernet Sauvignon (which makes up over half of it’s production), the region’s top six varieties are red grapes.

Here are a few wines using Walla Walla Valley grapes that we’ve tasted recently. Ask for them at you’re favorite wine merchant or contact the wineries directly.

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