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By on January 24, 2016
Outstanding wines are worth searching for.

We taste all wines blind, meaning we don’t know the producer or the price until we’re finished evaluating and rating them. Our top rating is “Outstanding!” and is equivalent to a gold medal in a wine competition. (Photo by Darlene Hildebrandt/Digital Photo Mentor)

One of the most common questions any wine expert receives is “What’s your favorite wine?” For us, it’s whatever wine happens to be in our glass at that moment.

But if you’re looking for some of the best wines we’ve tasted in recent weeks, here are a dozen that have earned our top “Outstanding!” rating.

How does a wine earn our top rating? First, we taste all wines blind. That means we know what kind of wine it is (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, red blend, etc.), but we don’t know the producer or the price of the wine until the evaluation is completed.

To earn the top rating, it has to receive the equivalent of a gold medal from a majority of the judges. Sometimes, this happens right away, and sometimes that rating comes after a brief discussion amid members of Great Northwest Wine’s tasting panel.

This week, we offer these dozen delicious red wines from Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Next week, we’ll line up 12 delicious white wines we’ve tasted recently.

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Articles authored by Great Northwest Wine are co-authored by Eric Degerman and Andy Perdue. In most cases, these are wine reviews that are judged blind by the Great Northwest Wine tasting panel.

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